Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 4

Day four of the no-soda diet. It's actually kind of okay. I'm not noticing withdrawl or the shakes or anything. I was a little cranky there for about 25 minutes, but that was work induced. It's kindof nice to be drinking lemonaide and sweet tea. And water, my goodness the hoover dam is envious of all the water i'm drinking. But my skin has already cleared up, and I haven't noticed a significant weight change, but a couple of situps and it'll probably melt away. I can't believe how quickly my skin cleared though. I thought i'd experiment and see if it was only soda that was muddling my face up, so I had some ice cream, and my conclusion is that yes, ice cream and milk are also responsible for the muddling.

Bitching time now. I got a letter from my apartment complex about the appearance of my apartment. I hung some purple curtains in my window, and they wrote me a letter telling me if i didn't take them down, they would fine me. FOR PURPLE CURTAINS!!!! I'm upset because I actually like these, and the shades that they make us have are ugly and depressing. We are only allowed to have white curtains. This sucks. White curtains, white walls, white bathroom, white carpet. well, not white carpet, it's that ugly off beige carpet that is standard in most apartments. But here's what sucks, how can they regulate what I put in MY apartment. I pay rent here, I should be able to hang what I want when I want. Same goes for the patio. We can't have a grill propped up out there, we can't use our grill out there, we can only have patio furniture, nothing else out there. It's bullshit!! For as much as we are paying, we should be able to paint the walls orange if we want. But no, we have to have the easily marked flat off beige color that is so depressing. And they actually PAY someone to drive around the complexes and write up people who break the rules. I mean, how do they know you have business clients, employees, or customers visiting. How do they know you're not having a dinner? And there has been this fuckin ugly red car sitting in the parking lot for over a month, in a GOOD spot, and it hasn't moved!!! No tickets/ towing like the sign says when you come into the complex. But god forbid a young lady hang purple curtains. JEEZ. If they find out about the penguin living in the freezer, there's gonna be hell to pay. God forbid they find out we have 3 cats instead of 2, and a turtle! Oh god life would be hell after that.



It's funny that for your pic, you got the right actor, but from the wrong movie. Was that intended. "Yes Satan?" or "2+2=4" I got what you were trying to do.

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