Sunday, November 27, 2005

I need your help

Ok homies. I need your help. I visited a site the other day, and I cannot for the life of me find it. I have googled, I have looked in history (even though I'm sure I visited it at work, not here) and I cannot find this site. Let me describe it to you.

It's a blog Template maker. Basically, I started out, I picked a color from a color palatte, and it matched 8 other colors with mine to make a great color scheme. Then, you go through and select which color you want for what part of your blog. So, I pick this color for the scrollbar, this one for the font, this one for the background, etc... IT WAS GREAT! It was perfect for me! AND IT WAS FREE! Can someone please help me find this site? It wasn't either. That isn't really much help for me. :(



Have you tried to find the site at Tucows yet? They usually have all the good freeware and shareware listed somewhere...

9:44 AM  

Man, I wish I had found that earlier....

I'll look around, see what I can find.

12:52 PM  

Elizabeth this has nothing to do with this post, which is why i'm asking you this, so u can delete this after u read it: do you have an email address i can write to in case there's something i want to say not related to a certain post? if u don't give that out, it's no big deal, i was just wondering.

p.s. i hope i don't see this question of mine listed by you under the Annoyed? topic hee,hee

2:46 PM  

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