Sunday, September 13, 2009


Don't pull me over please. I'm only 14 and I really shouldn't be driving. :)
1934 ford pickup

Something my dad and i have in common is our love for cars and car shows. It's always fun to see the work and creativity that people have put into their cars. Now that I'm driving a new car, I feel the appreciation so much more than I have had before.

And I just love to be with my dad.
I went to a car show yesterday by myself. It was small because it was raining, but it wasn't nearly as much fun as it would've been had he been there with me. There were a few cars there that showed off their pin striping and hard work, but I saw a lot of rat rods and VERY custom vehicles. I am always impressed by two things when I go to a car show.
1. The amount of information my father knows about vehicles. It's truly amazing.
2. The people behind the cars (the ones who built them, own them, love them,) are generally cut from the same cloth. It's like oil seeped into their bodies when they were kids customizing their bicycles, and now they have bigger toys to play with. And they can do what they want to these cars. There are simply no limitations to how silly, funny, awesome, beautiful, or random a person wants to make their car. And the best part is, SOMEBODY will like it. If you take an ugly car to a car show, someone is going to take a picture of it and say, "man, this is really something." And that's enough for a lot of people. It's the recognition of the hard work somebody put into the car to make it so ugly. Or beautiful.

If I had the money and the knowledge I would love to build custom cars. I loved helping my dad with the truck back in the day, and even working on the falcon (although I was in college for a lot of it). But I loved it. As a kid I remember loving hearing the welder turn on and the fzzzzt fzzzzt of my dad and his welder. If he wasn't working on the car or truck, he was cooking up something amazing. It was a bug he had, and it bit me at a young age.
I don't think this is something I'll ever stop enjoying. The proud look of the people who took the time to restore, rod, or rat these cars is just contagious. Even if the car is in the middle of the rebuild, they are willing to tell you what's going wrong, right, and ask for advice, or just talk about "omg did you see that ugly car just up the line? What the hell were they thinking??" Actually, most folks in the car kulture are not quick to judge. And that is something I like too. People at car shows are always quick to help a fellow car lover out. I love car kulture. It's fun, friendly, and there are always hot dogs. And besides, where the hell else am I going to see a perfectly restored DeLorean?

Monday, September 07, 2009

Hot night

Just some lightning shots from tonight off my porch. Compression kills, so please, take a moment to click on these to see mother nature playing with fire. :)

Saturday, September 05, 2009


The moon is a mirrorball.