Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some bea news

I went to the Air Show this past weekend, and a couple of pictures of that can be seen here. But today we are talking about Bea. Today I wanted to take a picture of Beatrice sitting in the sun, and she came over and just started butting her nose up against my camera.

She's never done that, but it was awesome.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stand and Shout!

If you don't know who's car this is:
It belongs to the first female to ever win a National NHRA Event!! The winner's name is Ashley Force, and she kicks ass!!!

She's very good at what she does, has a legendary dad (he's a great racer and seems like a great guy) and... well LOOK AT HER! She's HOT!



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Helton Love

I got to see him hit TWO home runs. Next time I'm there I'm getting an autograph.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Print shirts and southern accents

Who wants to go to MIAMI with me?!? Why do I want to go to Miami? This is why. And no, I don't give a shit if he IS dating Jenny Macarthy or if the other IS married, he's fucking OBI WAN!!!!! And no I don't care if they are filming a gay movie or whatever, HE'S FUCKING OBI WAN AND Jim Carrey was my fucking IDOL for a very long time (but Bono took over when I was introduced)...


Who wants to go to Miami?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Big Debate

Ok lady and gent,

I am trying to make a decision on which bike I would like to get, when i finish getting my license, and have a place set aside in my checkbook for a new payment. I know that certain people out there think I should get a "mustang", but my apartment doesn't allow 4 cars to a family, but they will allow 3 cars and a motorcycle. Go figure. BY THE WAY, I'm blogging because I'm upset tonight. It's a beautiful lightning storm outside, and i can't take pictures of it (camera is still in repair) so I'm blogging instead. How productive.

So, here's the problem: family and friend say 'Get a cruiser. They are good bikes, easy to ride, comfortable, and we like them.' I say, 'Cruisers are ugly and I don't want to accidentally grow a fat ass. Plus I like sport bikes.' Family and friend say, 'You drive like an asshole (apparently this is an automatic thing) on sport bikes. Cruiser bikes will help you stay safer.' I call bullshit. However, less room for 2 people on a sport bike. Please keep in mind, it is about look, some of it. I don't want a fucking PT Cruiser, I want a Jetta. So I'm trying to kinda urge you all to keep that in mind.

So for one of the three of you that read this, in case you weren't sure what the differences were, I'm gonna post my favorites for each type (cruiser or sport) of bike made by Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. (No harleys. uck.)

First lets start with Honda: ugh, if I have to pick a cruiser from Honda, I'd have to say Shadow Spirit 750. 750 Because apparently they don't offer a 650. Assholes. Plus it's really cheap new. This is what that bike looks like.
It's not bad, I'll admit. This is the 2008 model. But it's not badass, and it's too clumpy. But I bet I could touch both my feet flat on the ground on this little baby. Plus the rear seat is weird.
For a Honda Sport bike: Well lets just say that looking at their website they don't have anything that really suits my interests in sport bikes. They are all too expensive or too big. Good job Honda.

Ok so then lets move to Yamaha. I like Yamaha, much much more than I like Honda. So, for a cruiser bike for Yamaha, lets go with V Star Custom. I say that because it's in my affordable range, and as far as I know I can get it in 650-750CC and it's not too ugly. It's kinda badass, but i'm also not crazy about the rear seat. It's humped up over the fender, and I could put a back on it, but if I ever had to ride on my own bike or have someone sit on the bike (someone with say, long legs or a bad back) I'd want them to be comfortable too. Here's a picture of the bike i'm talking about (I borrowed it from the yamaha site if you want a better look):
Ok so lets talk Yamaha sport bikes: I like the Yamaha YZF-R6 because of a few reasons. It's cheaper, (only about 10 grand new) sharp looking, and has a small exhaust to prevent big owies. Plus it's at 600cc, so it's just right for little ol me. But i'm not crazy about the front wheel. I have a thing about that. I'd have to drive it to see how I liked it.
Again, I borrowed that from the Yamaha site. Go look around cuz there's probably more there that you'll like.

So then we move to Suzuki. It's a company I like a lot, even though I have trouble spelling it a lot of the time. :D With the suzuki cruiser bike, I'd have to go of course with the Boulevard S50. I like the back seat a lot because it's flat, and the handlebars aren't so complicated. Sometimes they get complicated you know... It's a ladies bike. But it's not too harleyish, which I find that a lot of touring/cruiser bikes from companies other than harley tend to be. So it's nicer. I get bored with harley. Here is a picture.
Ok, now lets move on to Suzuki Sport bikes. Probably my favorite, and I don't know why because they are the bike I see the most often, and I like to be unusual. but, I think as far as Suzuki sport bikes go, well I like the Hayabusa, but dad says no way and i'm trying to keep him from throwing tomatoes at me all the time for getting a big bike and making him worry about me being out on the road on a bike I admit I can't handle. So I really like the GSXR, and I like the Katana (go figure.) And it's truly a toss up between the two. They are both very stylish, offer about the same as far as specs and whatnot, but I just don't know which I like better. This is the GSX and it's about 10 grand new, and it's exactly how many CC's I'm looking for. I like it a lot.
Ok now let's look at the Katana. Ok well I looked at the Katana, and since blogger is putting an apparent halt on the amount of pictures I can upload, I said okay, and decided to REALLY look at the katana. It's okay. But it seems like a chick bike too. I mean, it's okay! It's not terrible.

So, help me out folk(s). Tell me your opinion. Chances are, I'll do what I want anyway (ha ha ha), but it never hurts to hear a second opinion. And I hope you enjoyed that I actually blogged, and that there were pictures of motorcycles involved. That's always fun, right? I could always post that picture of my brother again. You liked that right?


Friday, April 18, 2008


I can't play nice and get what I want, so i'm going backhanded dirty.

If you all want to see my blog about how much fun I had on my trip to Casper and Denver, please go HERE and tell this guy to send me my pictures. He has all my pictures on his computer (except the ones that were on my camera which I can't access because it's being fixed and I don't have a way to put them on my computer) and he's holding them hostage. I don't know what he wants, but he's not gonna get it until I get my pictures. I'd like to blog about my trip, but I can't really because it's no fun without pictures. So help me out people. I have this one that I managed to upload to my computer while I was there: