Monday, August 27, 2007

Check it out yo!!!

This is really cool. Tonight I went to the beach at about 10:30, and it's a full moon and the tide is coming in. I caught some great photos of the beach with the moon:
I decided to see what it would be like to take that same photo, but on an open shutter...What a neat effect. I later went down to the water to discover it was DEAD still. No movement at all. So i caught some of that too, also on the long exposure.That really is at 10:30 at night. I uploaded them into my photobucket account, so Check it out!!!

EDIT: I totally forgot the lunar eclipse. D'OH!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HTML?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!!

Those of you that know me know that I pride myself on my ability to Type. I type upwards of 70 words per minute, and I'm constantly working to type faster. That's not to say I don't make any mistakes, because I do, but my pinky finger hits the delete button with such speed that's it's blurry and not known to everyone that i even made a mistake in the first place. I recently took a job with a temp agency, and there they tested my typing and I tested at 78wpm with a 98% accuracy.

So, this week I decided that I wanted to apply for a job in the school district. A typing test is required, with at least 40WPM, but I'm all about getting the actual score. So i sit for a while and I practice on Mavis Beacon (which is a shit program btw) And then I get ready to take the test. The first time I took it, the proctor stood behind me the entire test and TALKED. He would not shut up. Luckily it was a test I had seen before, and I kept restarting the test (he apparently didn't notice) because he kept saying shit and i'd type it. I understand that in real life applications people talk while you are typing, which is fine. But when you are trying to test, and you have to go a certain speed, it's distracting. The poor girl next to me really struggled. I think everyone was really pissed. So I did that stupid test and came out at 63 WPM. I Was pissed. So i found out that the test was being given the next day at a different location. I took my certificate and left.

Next day i show up at the next location and they say, "Well it's not a regulated test. It's different for everyone." Which is bullshit because 2 years ago i took the test there and it was the same over and over. So, I said, okay no problem. It was just me and this other kid typing, and the first time I got a passage from huck finn or something and I got 64 wpm. Not good enough for me, so I went and did the second test and i got a damn POEM!!! A FUCKING POEM!! With nonsense words, as well. I was furious. I got 60 wpm. He said, "I'm sorry I have to take that score. I said, I know, but don't worry. I'll be back monday." At least this guy didn't talk.

So i go back monday, and i sit down, and the lady next to me asks me if i have done this before, and I said "yes, but watch out. Each test is different. Last time I did really bad because I got a poem." She said, I can't believe that! I said yeah i know.

So we start out, and of course, what pops up but my favorite nonsense poem. I did 60wpm on that. It was just retarded. The lady next to me, and myself both decided to take it again. So I did, and what else pops up but:


HTML!!!!! I'm talkin the whole banana! A fucking Web document!!! NOBODY types HTML Fast! NOBODY! (The lady next to me practiced it before the actual test, and it slowed her down to 15wpm (from 40) because she made one mistake, and you can't delete, so she was screwed. But that was in practice.) She got Huck Finn on the second test, and I got fucking HTML in the final thing.

So, Elizabeth, what was your score on HTML?


Which is not bad, especially for HTML, but it's not good for a typing test either.

I was still mad. I just don't see how this is fair. It's retarded. People who are advanced are getting simple easy shit, and people who are beginner are getting POEMS! I think it should be regulated to be the same test for everyone so it's accurate. It's just ridiculous.

So i just took this test today. It's not official, but it makes me feel a little worse that I had to turn in stinky ol' 63wpm to the school district.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I dont post stuff like this very often, but it's dads like this that beat the shit out of their kids that really teach them a lesson.

Man Vs Kids Part 2 - Watch more free videos

Go kids! I don't think child protective services needed to be called. I think the kids have things under control.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Ok, so maybe i need a new [external] hard drive to store some shit on...


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sorry everyone. Still here, just kinda busy.

Since it's late, and i'm tired, i'll just say this. I LOVE my camera!!!

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