Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And the results are in...

*EDIT* Here are the pics of steve and I from the night we won. You can kindof see steve's shorts, but it's not a big deal. They called us on friday to set up an appointment for our trip, and I'm so exited I can hardly hold a thought in my head. That's the case 95% of the time anyway, but this time at least I have an excuse.


Beatrice was entered into the Pet's Mart Howl-o-ween costume contest. She won FIRST PLACE (a twenty dollar gift card) and had her picture taken. She was judged as a playboy bunny, and had NO problems flaunting her shell around all those big dogs. I am so proud of her. And her gift card is going to be used toward the new diggy we found for her that night at pets mart. She is happy, and got a treat of crickets as a reward for doing so good. She was the hit of the party.

Second thing:

Steve and I went to Nightmare on Calhoun Street party on Saturday night kindof just for shits and giggles. Both of us knew we wouldn't win because this was a bigger party, and going in, we saw many better costumes than ours (censorship.) We were bummed by this because we paid for our tickets this time, and they were kinda expensive. So we went in anyway, and walked around and admired the kickass costumes we saw, and Steve had a few drinks. We had lots of pictures taken of us, and lots of comments. They had a projector screen on the wall of all the contest entrants. There were some sweet ass costumes. Anyway, so we were mullin around and they said, okay we're calling the top ten up on stage. (By the way, at this point, steve is obnoxiously drunk...) They called up all the best costumes, and then us last. Steve and i were really suprised. We got on stage and we were talking to each other trying to figure out what the prizes were. Third was some alchohol, second was a party and some alchohol, and we waited to hear what first prize was. Oh, a trip to New York. The announcer goes on about it and steve and I shrug it off because we didn't want to win that, we want to win $5000. We weren't going to win anyway.

So they announce the top three by projecting the winners on the wall. Number three was a KICK ASS version of the invisible man. He had a trenchcoat on, and a hat and glasses, but it was really well done. Number Two was a wolf with a bloody man coming out of his gut, and number one was:


Now, this wasn't the picture that was taken, but you should've seen the look on our faces. Neither of us could believe it. We seriously thought it was a joke. I couldn't believe it, and the crowd knew it. It was so much fun you guys. So steve and I are going to New York. If i don't kill him first.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Drum Roll Please

And now ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for....

Elizabeth's halloween costume!!!!
In the picture above, it looks like my boobs are crooked, and that's cuz they are. But it wasn't like that at the ball. Thanks to 95SX for letting me use this next picture, of STEVE and myself on stage at the 95SX halloween ball. We didn't win the 5 grand like we had hoped, but we did manage to make it into the top ten. Big shout out to steve for being a good sport and hoppin around in his skivvies.

Steve admitted, it's not a great picture cuz you can see steve's undiepants, but we were in the top ten, which meant we went on stage in front of at least 600 people in nothing more but gafting tape and a bit of foamboard. I will have better photos as soon as i can talk steve into putting the little thing on again, but I thought he was cute, and a billion women told him that, too (it's his butt) and a lot of girls and a hoard of men thought I was too. I still think i'm marshmallowy, but that's my own accord. Steve went out to the car for about 15 mintues to fix a wardrobe malfunction, and in the first ten minutes i was standing alone, I had at least ten men come over and oggle my boobies, and hit on me. I just told them my counterpart was in the car, and they didn't beleive me i'm sure until we got on stage. Anyhow, all was fun in love and underpants, and NEXT TIME WE WILL WIN!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Alrighty everybody...

Steven and I are planning on going to the Halloween Party at the plex, and there is $5,000 up for grabs for the best costume. Trouble is, neither of us has any good ideas.
These are what we've ruled out:

For me:
French Maid
Girl Pirate
Nurse in Vinyl Outfit
Fairy anything
School girl (unless it's the one in the picture)
German maid

For him:

The reason i have so much marked off my list is because it's what EVERYONE does. I want to be different, and so does he. Now I have suggested a few things, none of them really stupid. But he thinks they are. But we kinda want to go as a pair. We can't buy the costumes, we need to make them, and our time limit is until saturday (that's the party...) PLEASE OH PLEASE!! YOU ALL ARE SO CREATIVE, PLEASE GIVE ME AN IDEA! Just drop it in the comments box.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yep. It's different. It's not 100% yet, but it's a work in progress. Please tell me what you like and what you don't like. I'll tell you already there are some things that are going away. The blogspot bar at the top is going to be the first thing to go. The blog will be wider, so that it's easier to read. The side bar will probably be more spread out from the blog itself. I'm not crazy about the pink sidebar, and the pink words, but i haven't found a colour i've wanted yet. Pink is not going to stay though. But if you can think of anything, please let me know. My eyes are killing me from reading and trying to decipher all this friggin webcode. Thanks to Wesa turtle for helping me out! ALAN: IF YOU'RE OUT THERE, I COULD USE YOUR HELP!!! Peace homies.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

You want me to what?!

So i'm lazy. Who isn't these days, right? I admit, i do enjoy laying around in my underpants eating ho ho's. Unfortunately, Sallie Mae Student Loan Services does not enjoy me laying around in my underpants eating ho ho's because that means that I can't pay their stupid bill, and someone in their office cannot afford to put another floor on their house. So that means, i have to work. Who wants to work? Not I! But since I decided i had to, I worked various jobs off and on all summer, since I left the hotel. I think, however, I have found my niche, and I might actually not mind going back to work. It sounds stupid, but everyone who knows my business habits is going to laugh. I'm working at the teaching hospital here in Charleston alphabetizing and organizing old files in the transplant center. The important part here, is that I'm ALPHABETIZING. I LOVE to alphabetize (SO I'M A FREAKIN LOSER, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!) Now, I don't know how long i'm going to be doing this. So this might sound as boring as hell to you all. But, I work by myself, with my radio, I can talk to myself, I can sing quietly, I can eat while i work, I don't answer phones, I don't deal with the public, and I get to be as tedious and careful, and perhaps slow, as I need to be! And, as if that weren't enough, in like another month and a half I get insurance, CHEAP inurance. It's freakin great. PLUS, and this is a big one, NO UNIFORMS. I get to wear what I want (minus jeans of course.) It's freakin work, and i'm stoked to be doing it! Un-FREAKIN-Believeable.

So, it seems that the second great depression of my life is now over. Unfortunately, I have no war funding to take me out of my great depression quickly, so I will be in recession until I can get my shit together enough that I can survive on my own. Money is a fucking bitch. And i'm not the only one in the world who will attest to this, i'm sure. But soon enough, I'll be able to pay on ALL my monthly bills, pay back the mafia, pay back the hit man, pay back the hooker and the pimp, afford my medication, the drug dealer, and finally pay back that stupid fucking company called I.R.S. Who the fuck are they?!

Now, lets just see how long it lasts.

Currently Listening to: All That You Can't Leave Behind- U2

Monday, October 09, 2006


I need your help!

Right now in charleston, it is a beautiful time of year. Perfect time for open windows and sitting out on the patio. We live in an upstairs apartment, and the people below us go out to their patio to smoke about 16 times a day (8 am to 12 pm). We are not smokers, but do want to keep our windows open and apartment filled with fresh air. How do I go about telling my downstairs neighbors they are making us sick, and pissing us off, without forming a rivalry?

Well Hm.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Laziness. That's all it is folks. Sheer laziness. That and I am coming to terms with the fact that more than half of the hits on my statcounter are from that little lizard that is in the commercials. You know the one i'm talking about. I'm not going to mention his name because then i'll get even MORE hits for that stupid little bastard.

I've simply been too lazy to blog, and haven't really had much to blog about. But i'm taking a trip to tennessee this weekend, so i might have something to blog about there.

Got bit by a spider. Got a great new job. Cleaned my room (thats a big one). And i've basically just been broke and chillin' like the rest of the world. I'm gonna finish my pele painting sometime within the next week. She's calling me to finish her. That and I want to move the canvas from the corner of my room. all my paints are sitting there along with the canvas and i'm tired of looking at it.

Got Tori's new box set, and i highly recommend it to any devoted tori fan. And I did pick up U2's book too! I did this with all the birthday money i saved!! Freakin, 5 months to hold on to that money and not spend it. I'm impressed with myself. Well, i gotta keep this short. got a lot to do before the trip. Talk to you all soon, i hope. I'll try not to be so lazy. :D