Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good news

"Don't be hasty, prosperity will knock on your door soon."

i love fortune cookies...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Damn that facebook...

Damn that facebook. I found a bunch of people I went to high school with, and grade school, etc... But I have nothing to say to any of them. It looks like a bunch of them are getting married too. Same with myspace. It's hard to not compare myself to these folks that I haven't seen in forever and say, well what the hell am I doing? But I've got a plan, it just takes time. I'm a late bloomer.

In other news, let me post a picture that Wesa took of Denver. Fam is there right now, and I'm wishin I was there with them, but glad I'm here to take care of Minky, and not a small child. Minky doesn't scream near as much as a small child. That makes me happy. But she is picky about what she eats, and that does tend to make me less than happy, but not unhappy. I mean, LOOKIT HOW CUUUTTTTEEE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First one of the year!

This is the first red one of the year. There's a baby one getting red right now too, but i can't wait for the green fellah to be red. OOOOOHHHH BOY!

My grandad will be proud when i show him these!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

one last one before bed...

...One Backgammon Piece to rule them all, One Backgammon Piece to to hit them,
One Backgammon Piece to bear them all off and in the darkness Blot them
In the Land of the Backgammon Board where the Dice lie.


I added a new link to the Linky Dinky Group. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come, as I have stumbled upon a couple of cool new websites. Ta!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


So i'm sitting at steve's house watching my words cruise across his big screen like little pixilated cars. He has his computer hooked up to his big screen so it's kinda handy to sit on the couch and blog (for me.) So anyway!

I'll let you know how my birthday went!
I got a new camera! Yes yes i did. It's a Canon powershot SD750 and it ROCKS THE CATSKILLS! I took a few pictures over the weekend, but i was more interested in figuring out the features, and in True "my family" fashon, i ran the battery out. But no worries, i still got some good shots. I shall share those with you when the time comes.

So friday, I was sitting with my parents (we were letting my car cool so we could fix one of the dealies under the hood- technical term: dealie) and my parents told me they wanted to get me a camera for my birthday. I was totally stoked. So I went home and I was kinda trying to figure out what I wanted and I was awaiting steve's arrival, and we heard a knock on the door. Mom said, "Well maybe it's the UPS Guy, he's out there." I said, "COME IN!" nobody came in. Must be the UPS Guy. So i went to the door and opened it and there was a package from I wasn't expecting anything, so i thought it was for my mom maybe she got something for me for my birthday. Nope, the package had my name on it, but i didn't remember buying anything. So i opened it, (slowly, you never know...) and in it was a DVD (STAR WARS A NEW HOPE) from my friend Vadim! I was totally shocked and suprised and thrilled (because, as i hate to admit it, this was my first Star Wars film, which, appropriately enough, was the first in the series. He hit the nail on the head with that one.) I was thrilled, and ended up watching it on this big screen tv at steve's house while he slept next to me. (He cannot sense the force.)
So I bought my camera, and steve and I took a trip to ATL to go to the waterpark there, which I THOUGHT was next to the six flags theme park. wow, i was wrong. So steve made hotel reservations near the waterpark (Which happened to be about 30 mintues away from the regular park) and away we went. We ate at Hooters on the way down there, and they made me get on a stool and sing "it's my birthday ra ra ra" because steve was a dick and told them it was my birthday. I was not happy about that. So it's my turn to drive and I head for ATL and steve looks at a map, sees where six flags is, and says, "ok, take me to the park." So i take him to where I think the water park is. We get there, and there is NO hampton inn. So i pull into a little gas station, and these two gentlemen, (one has some object in his hand) approach the car and steve says, DRIVE ELIZABETH just DRIVE. Go I don't care where. So i cheerfully pull out and speed away. Steve calls the hampton, no answer (night auditor is snoozing.) He calls again, he answers, steve tells him where we are and he says, yeah, there's a hampton right by the park. So we change our reservation and go there. The only problem is that the price is 115 at the new hotel, and the other one it's 85. After about 20 minutes of sitting there on the phone, steve getting person after person without a real answer, he says, "This is really starting to be a pain in my ass." STARTING?
So we go and check in, sad that the hotel is more expensive (nice but expensive), then, God sends us a Cockroach. Nice hotel just got 50 bucks knocked off. :) I wasn't a bitch about it, but steve says i talked to them like i worked there. Hey, anyone who is a HHonors member knows about the 100% guarantee.
Anyway, next morning, we go to the Six Flags (i thought the water park was connected) and they say no, it's about 30 minutes away. Steve glares at me, and we take a little drive up to the waterpark and go and have a great time! The waterpark is a trip! We had a great time swimming in the wave pool and riding the rides and it was fun! We drove home that night, hit a great pizza place called the Mellow Mushroom (nothing much else was open in the sleepy town of Agusta on Memorial Day) and drove home. It was great! I'm thrilled with my camera, it does so much! One really cool thing (one of many really cool things that i'll be showcasing on this blog) is it stitches together separate photos to make panoramic photo. I took one of my room (Click to enlarge. It's actually several photos i took stitched into one long photo. Pretty sweet!!!)

So anyway, my camera rocks, I had a great birthday, and I still don't feel 24. I'm going to try and live by new resolutions (sortof new years) and try and get myself back in shape and back to feeling good about myself again. So, that's my birthday! Thanks to my parents for the new camera (and haircut), Kris and Tamara and Shannon for the Gift Card (can't wait to head down there) and Vadim for the new movie, and finally Steve for the Wonderful day! I had a very happy birthday!