Saturday, December 31, 2005


Ok, so I did the advice blog. And now I'm going to do the mandatory best of 2005 blog.

First, 10 things I'm proud of.
10. Leaving Red Roof and coming to my current hotel.
9. Trying the whole "I'm assertive" thing and not blaming myself everytime something went wrong.
8. Not letting my brain get the best of me.
7. Teaching someone how to swim.
6. That same someone learning how to swim.
5. Driving to Charlotte by myself and handling all of it so well.
4. Meeting one of the greatest presidents to ever be in office.
4. Running the 10K bridge run.
3. Singing at Red Rocks.
2. Turning the corner in my ability to get along with my parents and not always be pissed at them.
1. I'm proud of My brother and his wife for creating a family and letting me have a nephew to play in the dirt with.

Next, 6 things I'm not proud of.
6. Letting Red Roof Inn say they "fired" me when I actually quit.
5. Freaking out on top of the bridge during the run.
4. Letting G treat me that way.
3. Ruining several very good friendships because of a stupid reason that I should be controlling.
2. Being such a bitch during the last trip to Denver.
1. Not making enough money to help my family out when I need to.

Now, 8 great moments of 2005:
8. Watching someone swim through the deep end even though they are afraid, and knowing that it is me that helped them get there.
7. Paying off the loan I got to help me through one month in Denver.
6. Watching the look on my dad's face when he got his Christmas present.
5. Christmas
4. My birthday Week. :)
3. Singing at redrocks.
2. Seeing U2 when it wasn't intended at all, and the whole U2 experience.
1. Meeting Shannon. And this picture.
I don't know that anyone cares about any of this, it is my personal experience. Sometimes I have to look back and kinda see what I have done. It is and can be easy for me to just look at now, and the future, and get down on myself because I feel like I haven't accomplished much. But this year has been pretty interesting. I haven't written everything down, but there are more things I'm proud of, and a lot more I'm not. But hopefully the year of the dog will help me grow in many ways, and help me improve all those things I'm not proud of. I wish all of you the best in the new year, and I hope you and your family find nothing but goodness and grace. Happy new year!

10...9...8... oh screw it HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I just wanted to say, what a day this is gonna be. I'm gonna be up to 2000 hits on my counter on New Years. 2000 hits since i started this blog in like, june or july. I'm very stoked.

Please, Please be very careful tonight. Nobody wants to spend 2006 dead.

I will be kissing beatrice at midnight tonight - I know she's a girl, thanks for pointing that out - but everybody deserves to kiss somebody on midnight. This will be the third year in a row that I will not have a love to kiss, (like a boyfriend) but it is okay. I'm cool with it. I have a dad that needs lots and lots of kisses, and I do not mind. :)

I think waiter said it best when he said, "Ladies! No coked up recreational lesbianism in the bathroom." And remember, drinking and driving is so white trash.

Keep your shirt on girls.

If you have a few moments, take a visit to this site. Year in pictures, not bad.


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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Squeaky clean

Well homies, I'm feeling better. I'm over whatever was under me. And now I'm excited because January is gonna be a busy month for me personally, and I LOVE IT!!! I'm going to take another trip because you all know I love to travel, and I'm very excited. I'm gonna go see the cutest boy in the whole wide world, and his wife and son! He'll laugh at that joke. Anyway, I'm gonna have a good time traveling, if it doesn't snow (knocking on wood would be appropriate here, although it might not be enough. Rocky mountains in the winter are notoriously unpredictable, and so we might need to be pounding on trees. ha) anyway, Stoked to be going. I'm gonna try and find a friend of mine and surprise him, so if you're out there and you read my blog, expect to see me on your doorstep. You don't know who you are, although you might think you do. SURPRISE! Kitty is surprised.
So for now, I just have to think about food. And having my tank down to completely empty for the last couple of days has made me hungry. I think tonight I'm gonna go for spinach artichoke dip and a shrimp cocktail. Doesn't that sound so good? M. M. M. Mm. I'll be writing again to tell you all about meeting JC, and be sure to check bea's blog in the next couple of days. She's all excited to tell you about having her picture taken with Richard Petty. (She's a turtle guys, she loves racing. What can I say?) So I'll be writing again after I've cleaned up my room and finished some other chores. See something you like here? Tell me in my guestbook homies! It's getting dusty in there. Ok, enough ranting. Now I'm gonna go find me some shrimpies.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Quick note

For those of you who know what I did on christmas, i cannot write about it now. I have had the flu since about 3:51 am on the 26th of December (an event that will live in infamy i tell you) and so i haven't been feeling up to writing. I haven't had the flu in about three or four years, and usually when i get sick i can get sick and be fine. Not this time. anyway, sorry for the lack of posts, i will post again when i can hold my head up for longer than 20 seconds.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Of course, I'm gonna say it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everybody.
I hope your holidays were full of happiness and grace.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I will be with you again....

Tonight I'm running the audit again, but it's fighting me. Cursed thing. Hopefully everything goes right. I had to call my boss, and he hasn't answered back, so I guess whatever I do is okay! You gotta do what you gotta do.

Well, the U2 thing was fun, probably a highlight of my year. Toward the end of the year though, I'll do a..... You know those shows that fox and CNN do that are like, "the best of the year" blah blah. Yeah, I'm gonna do one of those. It'll be a photo essay. Thinking about it, where were you one year ago? I was working at shitty RRI and pissed off that I was working Christmas. I had just found out that T was preggers, and was very excited at the seemingly distant august. I'm not positive, but I think I still had CO plates on my car too. I was ancy for a piano, and I wanted to write music.

Never in a million years did I think would get to sing at redrocks in 2005. Never in a million years did I think I would get to meet such a beautiful creature as my nephew. Never in a million bazillion years did I think I'd get to see U2 this year. I guess that's what I get for thinking.
So, where were you a year ago? What were you doing? How have you grown, or shrunk? Were you blown away by Katrina, or shut out by heat? Who have you met? Who have you lost? Have you changed jobs? How about relationships? Did you accomplish your new years resolutions for last year? Where do you expect to see yourself next year at this time? I hope it's in a good place, and with good people.
I have grown, considerably, but I have managed to lose the weight I had gained. I have met new people, and actually made new friends. I have lost someone close to me, and I hope he comes back. I have changed jobs, better place, worse pay. I have not been in a relationship, although, it could have happened once or twice. I did accomplish my new years resolutions, and i'm pretty stoked about it. I have no idea where I'll be. I have no idea where I can expect to be. I just hope that I'll still have my family, my health, and my friends there with me.

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Friday, December 16, 2005


So... turns out i didn't see as much of the concert as I thought I did. Oh well. This is the set list.

Elevation in CharlotteWe're in the final lap but no-one is slowing down. Just four shows to go now before a well-earned break. Here's what they played, more to follow.

City of Blinding Lights
Still Haven’t Found
Beautiful Day
Original of the Species
Sometimes you can’t make it on your own **** where I came in ****
Love and Peace or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride in the Name of Love
Where the Streets have no Name
Until the End of the World
Mysterious Ways
With or Without You
Stuck in a Moment
Bummer. But I still got my $20.00 worth I think. I'm bummed I missed Elevation. I am, after all, the Elevation Goddess.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stuck in a weekend

Thursday December 8, 2005 3:30 pm:
Elizabeth to her boss: Can I get my paycheque tonight so I don't have to wait till tomorrow to deposit it because I work 3-11 and I wont be able to deposit it until after work.
boss: No we don't do that. (I knew they did because they have done it before. What I didn't know was that he was joking. I would have argued, but I didn't know he was joking, so I didn't.)

Friday December 9, 2005 11:25 pm:
Elizabeth makes a deposit at the local ATM. The $100.00 becomes available immediately, and the rest will be deposited on the next business day, Monday, according to the printout from the ATM and the internet.

Saturday December 10 2005:
Nothing important happens

Sunday December 11 2005:
Elizabeth prepares for a trip to Charlotte to Meet U2 and try and get an autograph. Not enough money for a ticket, Elizabeth packs light, and no cash as she has her debit card to pay for gas. She is very aware that she will not be seeing the show, but would like someone to get a shirt or keychain for her at the show. Figures she can get cash when she gets there to get someone to get it for her. *mental note Must learn to schmooze* Packs a suitcase for a place she's never been, a place that has to be believed to be seen.

Monday December 12, 2005 7:15 am:
Elizabeth borrows her dad's car because her car worries her when she drives it long distances. She fills the tank with 16.00 worth of gas, and takes off toward Charlotte a place she has never been.

Monday December 12: 10:45 am:
Elizabeth arrives in Charlotte after a rough trip fighting with other travelers who can't figure out cruise control. Elizabeth is frustrated, but tenatively arrives at her hotel after looking for 15 minutes. Politely she asks if it is okay to check in early, as she knows that checkin time is probably 3pm. Prepared for a no, the GSR says yes, but not without an eyeroll, and a snort. Too excited to care, Elizabeth parts ways with the bitchy lady, and marvels at the extravagant hotel.
Monday December 12, 11:00 am:
Elizabeth walks down to the Charlotte arena where U2 is scheduled to play in 10 hours. She learns that the band has been doing sound checks early this trip, so she goes down by the bus bay and waits to see her heroes up close, and meet them in person.

Monday December 12 3:00 pm:
Elizabeth decides it's a good idea to get some cash for the people she has been talking to, her new friends, to get a tshirt for her. She goes to the atm, and the funds from her paycheque are not available. She returns to her post, bummed, but not hopeless.

Monday December 12 4:30 pm:
K(c)athy and Linda decide Elizabeth has to see this show, weather or not she has a ticket. Each give her $10.00 (the only money Elizabeth now has) and tell her to buy a ticket from a scalper right before the show starts, or right after the show starts.

Monday December 12 4:45pm:
PR guy for U2 comes and tells us that U2 are not doing a sound check, and will not arrive until about 7:00. Elizabeth's new friends decide to go back into the line, and tell me to come by before 6:00 when they open the door. Elizabeth decides to wait it out.

Monday December 12 5:30pm:
it begins to rain, and get really really cold. Elizabeth continues to wait.

Monday December 12 6:45pm:
U2's personal bodyguard informs us that the band wont be signing autographs because bono is meeting with Jesse helms and is already late for the dinner. Immediately after, bono and the band arrive in a red suburban and a big black car with tinted windows. Bono waves and
Elizabeth TRIES to get a photo (haven't found out if I did yet) and the band goes back in, not to be seen again till after the show.

Monday December 12 6:50pm:
depressed and cold Elizabeth makes the trek back to her hotel to cry out the magnificent failure this trip has become. The only reason she went to Charlotte, the ONLY reason, was to get an autograph, and it has not happened. She has only 2o dollars in her pocket, and has not eaten all day. Bank of America informed her that her funds will not be available till 12:00am because she made the deposit in south Carolina and their rules are different than anyone else's. Rude front desk people snicker as I walk through the lobby with my coat soaked and hair matted.

Monday December 12 8:30:
Elizabeth talks to her mother (actually one of two phone calls I really did make) and gets the inspiration to go back to the show and see if she can haggle the t-shirt people down to $20.00.

Monday December 12 9:05:
Elizabeth arrives at the venue once again, in a fresh dry coat, and fresh dry hair, and wanders around. A scalper approaches her and says, "I got floor seats $150.00" Elizabeth cooly replies, "I don't want floor seats, and that's more than I can spend." Scalper: "I got this right here, up a little high, but a good seat (and it was) for $150.00." Elizabeth: "I don't have $150.00. So I cant afford it." Scalper: "How much can you afford?" Elizabeth: "$20.00. that's all I have to my name." Scalper:"Here you go young lady."

Monday December 12 9:06:
Elizabeth walks into the door on the verge of tears with her backpack and camera she knows they wont let her have in the show. The polite arena people scan her ticket and tell her she can have the one camera, and can be escorted to the service desk to have her bag checked. Elizabeth checks to make sure she heard correctly, and starts to cry the minute the man says, off you go. Sometimes you can't make it on your own is heard in the background. How appropriate.

Monday December 12 9:10- 11:00

Monday December 12 2005 11:05 pm:

Elizabeth runs back down to the bus bay during the last song of the show to see if she can talk one of the band members into an autograph. She arrives, only to see Larry in his car waving at her as he leaves. She also sees bono with a towel around his neck in the red suburban he arrived in.

Monday December 12 2005 11:07:

The kind heart that gave her the $10.00 for the ticket walks down the sidewalk. Elizabeth recognizes her immediately and runs up to her to give her a hug, and whispers in her ear that she made it into the show. As every u2 fan knows, this is an amazing feat. All are cheers.

Tuesday December 13 2005 12:00 am:

Elizabeth begins the scary ass journey back to her hotel with creepy people following her. Elizabeth kicks herself for being so stupid. at least she doesn't have any cash on her.

Tuesday December 13 2005 10:45 am:

Elizabeth wakes up to find her bill under her door. $65.00 worth of phone calls make her legs go weak. She only talked to her mom for 10 minutes on that one call, and her brother the other call. The rest of the time they called her. She had a secret way of calling them. She called, let it ring once, then hung up. Confused, Elizabeth calls the front desk only to be confronted by the bitchy employee from the day before. After much deliberation and some hidden tears, Elizabeth gets the several $6.17 connection fees removed from her debit card. (Thanks also to her boss) Elizabeth then discovers that there is mold on the wall. She wisely snaps some photos of it and makes a mental note to never stay at a hotel where it's impossible to be treated like a human, even if a fellow employee.

Tuesday December 13 2005 12:45pm:

Elizabeth gets on the road for home. She doesn't stop for gas, and therefore does not stop for cash because she just wants to get out of Charlotte. Immediately before she crosses into the south Carolina land, the car in front of her intentionally runs over a very large (16in x 24 in) piece of particle board, flipping it up into elizabeths dad's car. It hits the windshield, and (I assume) goes up and over, as well as under the car. Elizabeth looks in her rearview only to see smoke. Believing she has a flat tire, she keeps the car in control and tries to exit. The asshole trucker next to her wont let her through. (and to him, right now, I'd like to say fuck you, and I'm glad I wasn't hurt.)

Tuesday December 13 2005 12:47pm:

Elizabeth pulls into the south Carolina welcome center only yards from the border. She inspects the car, no dents, no flat tire, but the engine was leaking oil at an alarming rate. A nice couple stops and offers help, but wiser than that, Elizabeth only asks to borrow a cell phone and enough money for a payphone call. She calls her mother, at work, and they talk out what to do. Elizabeth figures the oil pan on the car is FUBAR and doesn't want to risk driving it too far (of course.) The couple offers her some money (5.00) and she regretfully accepts, figuring that's lunch after all. After she parts ways with the nice couple, she goes into the welcome center and informs them of her situation. The gentleman tells her she is only 1 mile away from the next exit which might have some food and information. He then asks her what kind of car she is driving. A single tear escapes and she mutters, "my dad's ford." The man begins to glow and says, "now now, don't cry. up there at that next exit is a dealership with a service station. you can make it up there." Elizabeth sucks air, makes a phone call to her mom and tells her where she'll be, and rushes back to the car.

Tuesday December 13 1:03 pm:

Elizabeth approaches her car only to find a little tiny old man taking a look at it. "looks like you've got some oil leaking." "Yes," she replies. "You need to put oil in it." "Yes, sir, but I have no oil. I'm hoping the service station at the dealership a mile uproad can help me." "Do you have any oil?" "no sir." "oh." At this point, Elizabeth realizes her wheels and the back of the car are COVERED in oil. damn. She bids the old man adieu (only after he asks her if she has oil about 6 more times.)

Tuesday December 13 1:05 pm:

Elizabeth starts on the road to the next exit. She starts the car, and it willingly goes down the ramp. She stays at a slow pace, and sure enough, there was the sign "exit 3/4 a mile." She limps into the service station, asks the gentleman to help her, and calls her mom. He says he can help.

Tuesday December 13 2:00pm:

Service man informs Elizabeth that all is well, that it was just the oil filter, not the pan, that was busted (off) and it is fixed, oil is changed (dad was gonna do that when I got back) and I could be on my way. It only cost $46.00 (CHEAP) and off I went.

Tuesday December 13 5:00 pm:

Arrived in Charleston. Home. Happy, Healthy. Saw U2. Holy shit.

Stuck in a moment is impossible for this woman right here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Running to Stand Still

I'm not gonna tell the entire story of my weekend today, but I will tell it tomorrow or the next day. Tonight, I just wanted to say, I traveled up to charlotte with NO intention WHAT SO EVER of seeing U2 in concert. I did not have the money (since bank of america sucks.) But two amazing people gave me 10 bucks each, and after much deliberation, and 7 hours waiting in the cold for a moment(autograph or hello) that didn't happen because of Jesse Helms, I went back to my hotel all bummed out. Cried a bit, talked to my mom, and then I decided to return to the concert area with my 20 bucks, the only money I had, and see if I could buy a T-shirt. Instead, I "acquired" a TICKET AND GOT INTO SEE THE SHOW WITH MY CAMERA!!!! FOR $20!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT STILL! AND, my seat was not at all shitty! Thank you LINDA and KcATHY! I'll tell you all the whole story of the weekend later, cuz it was a doozy. Can someone please give me a link to the set list for charlotte? I'd appreciate it because I was in shock and I can't remember a damn thing. Anway, I wanted you all to know that I was born a child of grace, and I can dream, and I dream out loud, I didn't let the bastards get me down. I can't believe I saw u2 this year. I never in a million years dreamed I'd be able to. I am so grateful.

Oh yeah, and Charlotte: So long, and thanks for all the fish. You may not share our intellect Which might explain your disrespect For all the natural wonders that grow around you, So long, so long, so long, so long, so long So long, so long, so long, so long, so long. (I'm going to sing that song at every show I do.)

Currently listening to: U2 bootleg, Live from Denver, April 6 2001 (this is the copy that Brian and I got when we were in denver. The dude bribed us with these, Brian was looking at them, and the dude got busted. We kept the Cds and made copies for ourselves. tee hee)

You can dream so dream out loud

hey guys, stay tuned for a kickass tale of a wild weekend. Holy shit I can't wait to tell you all about this, and um, those *new* visitors, Stand by and i'll give you a site to see the photos i got. I CANT BELIEVE IT!! HOLY SHIT!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Break it out now!

Homies, I'm taking a trip! I'll be back soon! I wish I would've gotten two nights at that hotel instead of 1. dammit. Oh well. It's not far away so i'll be able to go again. But I'll be back soon! It's like a trip from casper to cheyenne. It's gonna be good times. I'll tell you about it when I get back, but I'd rather not talk about it till then. See you!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

What I'm thinking about right now:

I have been playing with Google Local all night. What a cool thing that is! I found my address, I found my house in wyo, I'm looking at denver. I can't download google earth on my computer (cuz of the shitty OS) but this is pretty cool itself. i'm unhappy with my settings on this computer cuz i can't look at very much of the screen, but I'm sure once i play with it a little bit it'll be great. This is way cool though you guys. Check it out! It's a short post I know, but at least it's a post.

Friday, December 09, 2005

I really do see you!

Since, sometimes, somehow, someone reads this blog, it makes a mark on my counter. I do check my counter, and I do see all of you return visitors. I dig it. I love it. I long for it. But I want to know my audience. One thing any performer likes to know is who their audience is. Sign my guestbook homies! I see you out there! Tell me how you found me, why you're coming back, and what it is that makes you want to dance. I love that you all come here, and I would love to visit your websites as well. And i'll try to do better and make this site more interesting, even when I'm working. In fact, especially when i'm working. While i'm working. HAHA! That'll be good times indeed. I'll do a real post tomorrow, when I've got something interesting to talk about. Right now, i don't have much because my tooth hurts, and nothing has really happened. But something will dammit. Something will.

Currently Listening to: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb [getting ready for the charlotte experience]

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Do I feel okay?

Lately, everyone has been telling me I look like crap. Except once today, like when I was fresh and rested up when I got here, my driver told me I looked great. Thanks! But I've been told twice today that I look like i've lost weight, especially in my face, and I look like I'm tired. Well, I just slept 14 hours, so I don't feel tired. Some people I know would like to blame my looking sick on all the drinking I did this past weekend, but I don't think that's it. Yesterday I had a fever, and I could tell. i may not have had a like, confirmed fever, but it felt like it. cold hot cold hot cold hot. I am trying to eat less than i usually do. When I say that, I mean I usually eat until i'm so full I want to burst. But now i'm eating smaller meals. i can't do the oprah thing and not eat after 8:00 because I have to eat before I go bed. My bulgarian friend was the second person that noticed i was looking thinner. He actually said, "You dead? You... look... dead. You seek? You no seek?"
But anyhoo, i'm trying to swim more. but it hasn't been so this last week. too wierd a week for it. But see, it's like i said in my pervious post about monthy resolutions, if you get started early on the yearly resolution, (mine is that I want to swim more) it's a lot easier to keep. If you keep monthly resolutions, its not as hard because you're not facing such a long goal.

Maybe I'll get tested. For everything!! Measles, mumps, rubella, the clap, crabs, back spasms, itchy forehead, heart disease, AIDS, trench foot, flop bottom, high cholesterol, bad eyesight, pregnancy, non-pregnancy, SIDS, stinky eye, achy butt, dwarfism, tennis elbow, googly eye, hitchikers thumb, wankers chin, hematosis, crooked booger, depression, mania, bi-polar, schizophrenia, lactose intolerance, allergies to bees, ants, and those little pinchy bastards, spider bites, hoof in mouth, fart sideways, lazy eye, athletes foot, heart ache, alcoholism, athletes fruit, athletes foot, cocaine dependence, cancer, jaundice, hepatitis A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,Z,Q, and R, kidney disease, cataracts, heart disease, alzheimers, and butt-fall-out-syndrome. Maybe if they test me for those, it'll help my situation and I'll find out what's wrong with me.

Currently listening to: NOT THAT DAMN MUZAK I TURNED IT DOWN. In my car I'm listening to the radio trying to win U2 tickets.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I know i need to post everybody, so i'm gonna pull one here at work. i'm not on midnights anymore, which makes me want to shoot myself, but I did get to go out last friday night, (something i've done twice before in my life) and it was a good time. Very very good time. Anyway, i'm here listening to christmas music, wanting to shoot everyone else in the head, and rock the christmas tree right off the cliff. And throw the winter wonderland a nice hot sun. it's mostly bing crosby, sinatra, and nat king cole, which is alright in moderation. but for 8 hours, it can be a little aggrivating. plus with a hummer (man humming) and tapper (man tapping) out of key and out of rhythm it can be even more difficult to not rip out his windpipe. but i digress. anway, i'll put up a full post as soon as i dont feel like falling over.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Night Life

I tell you, this is the life. What life? Where could I be you wonder? (or maybe not.) I am at work. It's 2:52 am, and I am the only link between 124 sleeping people and outside danger (many eyed, horned monsters, for instance.) Ah, the life of a night auditor. I love it. If the shift didn't make for such a shitty social life, I'd probably do this full time again. At a nice hotel, though. If I were doing audit at my previous job, I'd shoot myself. Too many drugs, stabbings, and illegal goings-on. But at a nice hotel, it's bliss. I'm awake this time of night anyway. Night auditors get paid more than regular front desk clerks, and they get to sit on their ass more. In about 1/2 an hour I'm going to go watch Inuyasha and then take a stroll around my hotel. It is my hotel tonight. The hotel is quiet and there is no activity (for the most part. And I'm talking about people being out of their rooms. What you do in your room is your business, as long as it doesn't involve illegal activity, then it's not my business.) Sometimes there are students who are studying for their midterm, and they sit in the lobby writing on their laptops watching cartoons with me. Sometimes people can't sleep and need to walk around a bit. Sometimes the lonely manage to find me and chat a bit with me while I'm working. Most of the time, the nice time, I'm by myself. I can talk to myself, I can sing, I can swear, I can watch television, I can think anything I want. I CAN SIT DOWN, take my shoes off, and write on my blog if I care to. I turned the Muzak down, I've got U2 playing, (which is better than shitty Christmas jazz any day,) and I'm really quite pleased. I'm going to be studying, and I have a couple more things to do, but luckily my night is going fast. If you have never worked a week of night shifts, I highly suggest it. ESPECIALLY at a hotel. It's fun to have the time to do what you need to do. I needed to work on my blog, and get some Deutsch time in, and I'm gonna be able to do it.
The best part of the whole day though, is when I get to go home. I get to stop off at the ocean if I want and watch the sun rise. I don't have to wake up extra early and try to make it there on time. I can go there and tool around all I want. Of course, at the end of today, I'm going swimming. But when I'm a full time auditor I'll be ocean bound most of the time. How can a person go wrong with the night shift?

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