Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drama of a Left foot.

Hi! Remember Leg? Remember foot and leg? And then remember Leg and foot again? And then that really Really great time when foot did that thing? Well, it's back. Same foot. Different problem. I had a blood vessel or something pop on the bottom of my foot and now it hurts to stand on it. Really REALLY bad. It's not like a corn. Corns don't hurt this bad. This is not a corn. This picture is not what my foot currently looks like. What sucks is that Im' moving soon, and if my stupid foot doesn't feel better soon, i'm gonna be hobbling all about and being assigned the stupid jobs. The ouch is right in a painful spot too. Right on that part between the big toe and the second toe on the ball of my foot. And yes, it is my left foot. What is it about that side that doesn't like to cooperate. Funny thing tho, my foot still acts funny from that "fall" I had with B. It was a controlled fall. I jumped. But it took the wind out of me. Maybe that's what this is. This is reprimand for hurting my foot and only paying attention to the top part and not the bottom! I knew it!! Hopefully, these soft skateboarding shoes will make it all better.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Beatrice has updated her blog everyone! She wanted to let you know!

Friday, January 20, 2006

And then I started talking

I've decided I'm not gonna write about Denver on here because I'm too lazy.

Everything was going peachy today until I started talking. The moment I started talking, the moment it went awry. And I don't mean like emails, or anything like that, I mean, BLAH blAH BLAH, talking. About midnight actually. At the very beginning of today. Everything I say is stupid and useless.

Yes, it's one of THOSE days.

Everything I say is just crap flying out of my mouth (nice mental image.) My shit is all apart as Henry would say.

Each time I try to say something, I just end up pissing someone off some way or another. (Guests mostly.) Or I end up screwing something up that would have been just fine if I would've kept my fat mouth shut. I swear, I try to be nice, it sucks. I say hello to people, and they don't say hello back. I try to be stern, it sucks. I fucking tried to allow popups on this page so I could check my spelling, motherfucker lost my post. It's just that kind of day. Maybe it's the drugs. Maybe i'm just a dope. Maybe, I need to use one of my new rolls of gafting tape and become a mute for a day. And I'm not even in a bad mood!!! If I were in a bad mood, foot in mouth syndrome would be justified! But I'm not! Which pisses me off! I'm in this great mood, and nothing is going right!
So, I'll shut up for now, and maybe my day will improve.

Currently Listening To: All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just found this

I'm at work, and I know i'm supposed to be telling you all about my trip to the big D, but I stumbled upon this.

I can't buy my tires, a common size, at Costco, but I CAN buy the place i'll end up if i keep driving on shitty tires. Wow. Welcome to America. Where the sacred collides with the baby diapers and windex.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm home!

ok. it was 2500 miles to our first destination, and then 1900 back. do the math and it's
4,400 rougly miles in a car. Give or take some miles. It's still cheaper than flying by a good $600. 130.00 in gas out there, and about 160.00 in gas on the way back. as opposed to 330.00 x 3 for out and back.

Anyway, money aside, it was worth every yard. And i'm excited to go back when I can. I'll post pictures when i find my camera and when the sound of tires hitting pavment is but a distant memory. ha ha ha ha.
Thanks to all who kept checking this blog even though it was far from being updated for that time. i've got a lot of crap to do for the next couple of weeks, so I might be a little sparce, but i'll try to keep up. Now it's time to sleep in my soft bed, with my soft pillows, with my not so soft turtle, and my soft cat. Good Night!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So long and thanks for all the fish

Ok homies, I'm gonna be absent till the 15th, so this is gonna probably be the last post till I get back. Probably. But keep visiting me and upping my nubmers. I get a real kick out of that ha ha ha ha! But, I'm sorry to leave the blog behind. Any blogging I will be doing will be really light, but I'll try to post photos. I'm sorry to ditch all of you, all three of you, but I'll be back eventually and I'll tell you all tales of adventure. And since I'm venturing to a place with no internet, and no cable, this blog is gonna look the same. So Adult Swim has 1 week to get it's shit together, and I'm not so much worried about the internet. See you all later!

Monday, January 02, 2006


Something fun to do when you are bored is visit this site. I got a dollar bill a while ago with this stamped on it, and I went to this site. I found that my dollar bill had come all the way from Southern California, and landed in my hands. You can enter, mark, and track bills that fall into your hands as well! I have entered a few bills, but so far, no one has re-entered it so it's just me entering the bills and feeling like a dope. If you decide to mark your bill so people will go to the site, do so in way that it can be used again. I don't know what the guidelines are for that, but i'm pretty sure the site has the guidelines there. So if you ever find a bill marked "Where's George" take it to this site! Oh, and visit here and read #3. It's a crack up. Enjoy your money!!

Sorry for this lame ass post, it's rainy, I'm loopy, and I'm getting ready for the trip. Couldn't think of any subject to write of. It was either this, or you all were gonna be subjected to my old english final. See? I made the right choice.

Currently Listening to: Boys for Pele, Tori Amos. (I got some new music today for Christmas, but I haven't put it in the CD player yet. I shall be listening to Elton John's Greatest Hits and Green Day, American Idiot all this week. Merry Christmas!)